Healthy Hair Routine

Healthy Hair Routine

Beneath your hair lies the sensitive skin of your scalp, which, though rarely thought of, requires regular care to remain healthy.  Like the skin on the rest of your body, your scalp consists of layers of tissue.  The lower layers are the healthiest, newest skin produced by your body, while the outermost layer consists of cells that are mostly dead tissue and ready to be shed to reveal the newer layers of skin beneath.  Along with hair follicles, the skin on your scalp contains sebaceous glands, which produce the oil necessary to keep the skin on your scalp lubricated.

A healthy scalp care routine involves regular cleansing to remove bacteria, sweat and excess oil from the skin.  Taking steps to prevent over-drying and to boost the skin cell turnover process may also be necessary, depending upon your skin type and the environment in which you live. 

To help keep your scalp healthy year-around, you need to invest in the right product like our hair oil to provide the right environment, nutrition, healing, repairing, hair growth and shine.

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