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Lash & Brow Oil 1 oz

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Natures Therapy luscious lash and brow serum contains many nutritious oils that have been known to encourage and stimulate hair growth.

Apply nightly for growth and restoration on both eyelashes and eyebrows. This serum is light weight and goes on really well.   Of course, please avoid getting it into your eyes, as with all products.

Our lash & Eyebrow growth serum has been formulated with specific nutritious oils.


***Almond Oil contains High amounts of vitamin E

***Avocado Oil prevents future shedding and breakage. Contains Biotin

***Castor Oil increased blood circulation and improve growth

***Squalene Olive promotes stronger hair and hydrate

***Ginseng is beneficial to promote hair growth.

***Horsetail is high in silica and selenium that encourage proper hair growth.

***Foti Root helps to combat hair loss suppress dihydrotestosteroneand (DHT)

***Ginko helps to support healthy hair health

***Rosehip Oil aids in the renewal and healing of hair follicles

***Lavender is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory

***Cedar Wood anti-fungal and anti-bacterial


Clean eyes with cold water and pat dry.  Apply 1 drop on your spoolie or finger tip and apply on your lashes (1 drop is enough for both sides).  Do the same with the eyebrows.  Please apply oil just before you sleep and avoid getting in your eyes.




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