What make Natures Therapy Hair Oil Different???

What make Natures Therapy Hair Oil Different???

There are a lot of products in the market, and I am sure they are good.  So I can't speak for those products, but I can definitely educate you on my products.  I have been in the industry for 33 years and have met people at various stages of their hair loss.  I realized that it was becoming an epidemic and there was a need for a good product that would help rebuild the health of the scalp, by providing the nutrients, and strengthening the hair follicles and stopping the HAIR LOSS!

After I had been through my own struggles of loosing hair I was always on a mission to find a product to save my hair.  My severe hair loss started in 2007 through to 2015.  I was diagnosed with 3 AUTO -IMMUNE CONDITIONS (HYPOTHYROIDISM, LICHEN PLANUS, ALOPECIA  AREATA).  Therefore, I had 3 x the hair loss!  I met with a lot of medical professionals and they tried their best, injecting steroids on my scalp, but my hair loss continued.

It was in 2015 to 2017 when my hair started to fall in chunks.  Afraid to wash my hair as I would clog the drain.  Scared to put my head on the pillow, as it would be filled with hair.  Constantly cleaning after myself as I would leave a trail of hairs everywhere I went.  

Now as much as I have 100% faith in my product, your health and lifestyle can sometime be a great contributor to your hair loss.  So I will be discussing this in my different blogs on how to RESTORE, REPAIR AND REBUILD.

There are 3 stages to hair loss:


Over the next few BLOGS, I will educate you to understand the importance of having a healthy scalp and having the nutrients to support that!

You see, its not just a hair OIL. Its food for your Hair and Scalp.  Our mission is to repair the foundation (soil) with the best nutrients (fertilizer) that you can get the best harvest (hair).  

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