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Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes Serum 1 oz

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Darker circles around the eye area can be hereditary, or the result of blood vessels under the eye that are swollen or not draining properly. "The thin skin of the eyelid is translucent in many individuals and therefore it easily reveals the underlying vessels below.   Our Eye Serum contains  a powerful complex that can be used both under the eyes and on the face.  It instantly smooths the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet.  It also brightens skin and minimizes the appearance of dark circles.   

Our under eye serum is packed with powerful anti-oxidants for rejuvenation, promoting circulation, reducing puffiness and brightening the area.


-Coffee Extract- Caffeine's anti-inflammatory properties also lessen the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Additionally, the grounds reduce redness and tighten the skin, making it look brighter and firmer. 

- Cardamom Seed Extract - The vitamin C present in the cardamom improves the flow of blood to all parts of the body and also the oxidants that suppress the free radicals damage. The skin benefits of cardamom can be attributed to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. 

- Saffron -Saffron effectively neutralizes free radicals. It is an extremely rich source of manganese, iron, magnesium, copper and phosphorus, potassium, vitamins C and A and B vitamins. 

- Licorice Root -  Great for removing dark circlesdarkened skin due to scarsdark spots, as well as diminishing the excessive oil on our skin

- Turmeric - The natural antioxidants in turmeric have properties that can help get rid of dark spots. Turmeric being an antioxidant keeps a regular check on skin lightening molecule.

- Glutathione. It helps shields the skin from daily exposure to sun, pollution and other things that stress our skin

- Mulberry Extract - Anti tyrosinase activity of mulberry plants produces the desirable effects as far as skin lightening is concerned. Furthermore, the extract is known to slow down the ageing process. It contains rich anti-oxidant properties thus making it extremely beneficial for preventing wrinkles formation.  

- Carrot Seed OIl - Carrot seed oil. Carrot seed oil is a cell rejuvenating wonder with high levels of beta–carotene and vitamin A and E. Those high levels of vitamin A make it a natural retinol that  slows the breakdown of collagen and lightens skin discoloration.

- Lemon Seed OIl - Vitamin C in lemon, strengthens the skin around eyesLemon extracts in oil work fabulously for reducing swelling or any other accumulation of fluid; Lemon oil tightens the blood vessels; Lemon oil is antibacterial. 

- Grapeseed Oil - Moisturizes dry, crepe-y skin around the eyes and eliminate Dark Circles. Grapeseed oil can fade dark, unattractive under-eye circles when gently applied onto them twice daily. 

- Frankincense - useful for age spots and reduces wrinkles. It smooths wrinkles, moisturizes under eye skin and lightens age spots.

- Vitamin E -  Protects the skin from sun damage, which may also help delay the aging responsible for eye bags. Additionally, vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects your cells from the oxidative damage that's known to be a major factor in the aging process.


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