Pink Scalp and Hair Loss

Pink Scalp and Hair Loss

Healthy hair starts at the root, and that includes giving VI P treatment to our largest organ: skin.  A nourished scalp means happy skin and healthier, faster growing strands.

So today we will talk about PINK SCALP AND HAIR LOSS.  The occurrence of thinning hair with pink scalp is often an indication of irritation, inflammation or a scalp disease.  Dermatitis, scalp psoriasis and a variety of scalp stresses such as traction alopecia can produce redness, sores and increased sebum that can lead to an inflamed scalp and thinning hair and are common pink scalp causes.  Inflammation of the scalp can lead to problems like hair loss, sores or infection.  

Addressing both problems!

Red and sensitive scalp typically go hand-in-hand with redness a result of flushing in response to minor infection, bacteria or virus.  Sensitivity is often tissue or nerve explode with open or cracked sores, or again, an infection.

Other scalp conditions may culprit - ringworm (a type of dermatitis that causes red and pink scalp), Trichotlillomania (pulling out your hair ), sebaceous cysts, and a host of autoimmune problems may lead to a pink scalp tied to thinning hair.

When your scalp is compromised, using excessive cleansing shampoos and ointments laden with chemicals, it will only irritate and aggravate the condition.

Natures Therapy Hair Oil can address both the above issues by detoxing, cleansing, healing, repairing and rebuilding your hair and scalp.

Our product contains the right oils to balance the scalp and nourish the follicules.  No harsh chemicals, parabens or irritants.  Our formula contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids needed to heal and it has all the Ayurveda herbs to stimulate hair growth and essential oils to stimulate, repair and promote healing.

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